Winter Cycling Shoes to Keep Your Feet Warm and Happy

Winter Cycling Shoes to Keep Your Feet Warm and Happy

Protect your toes from the elements with SHIMANO MW7 Winter Cycling Shoes

SHIMANO MW7 winter mountain bike shoes

For the hearty tribe of the cycling population where there is no off-season, for the riders who find fun in battling the elements, and who prefer to bundle up and venture outdoors – no matter the weather – having the right equipment is paramount to success. Just like riding technical terrain or grueling climbs, the damp chill of winter is an obstacle to overcome, and conquering that obstacle starts with gear that keeps you warm and dry.

SHIMANO MW702 Winter Mountain bike shoe water proof

Enter SHIMANO’s recently updated MW7 winter shoe, built specifically for the year-round rider in mind. These versatile cold-weather cycling shoes feature an insulated Gore-TEX waterproof membrane layer and a new wraparound shield with a tall cuff that work together to keep warmth in and the elements out.

SHIMANO MW702 Winter mountain bike shoes

The revamped MW7 is equipped with the best-in-class BOA L6 dial with cover closure that allows for a precise and highly adjustable customized fit. They also have a power transfer enhancing XC midsole that’s stiff and lightweight, and the shoe features ULTREAD XC high grip rubber outsole to maintain security when off the bike and negotiating slippery surfaces.

SHIMANO SH-MW702 Winter water proof mountain bike shoes

Whether contesting your local cyclocross series deep into December, wandering around snow-covered woods aboard a fat bike, or logging hard-earned mid-winter base miles to sustain fitness, maintaining a comfortable body temperature is critical. Protect your most vulnerable appendages with the SHIMANO MW7 shoes, and you can say goodbye to numb toes for good.