Shimano IC5, For Fierce Workouts & New Personal Bests

Shimano IC5, For Fierce Workouts & New Personal Bests

For fierce workouts and new personal bests, the new Shimano Indoor Cycling IC5 cycling shoe will help you push harder, ride farther, and challenge yourself every time you hit the studio. You put in the effort and the SPD-compatible IC5 shoes deliver your power to the pedals for your most intense workouts. 


Increase your power and your performance on the bike with the stiffer, more comfortable IC5 shoes. Designed with a rigid plate across the full length of the shoe, the IC5s increase your efficiency so there’s no wasted energy between you and the bike. Pedal harder and every bit of energy is translated to higher power scores and better results. 


Fashioned with a soft and breathable mesh upper, the IC5 shoe wraps around your foot for a comfortable and secure fit. Less foot movement means less wasted energy and the BOA closure system and wide strap across the top keeps your foot glued in place even under the most ferocious sprints.  

Besides boosting your performance, the BOA L6 dial delivers a more comfortable fit that is tailored specifically for you. With an easy turn of the dial, the BOA makes micro-adjustments that tighten the shoe to help you find the perfect fit every time. When finished with class, simply pull up on the dial and the tension is released so you can get out of your shoes and on with your day in no time. 


The IC5 shoes inspire confidence on and off the bike. Compatible with SPD cleats, the shoes deliver security and optimal power transfer when clipped into the pedals during class. Off the bike, the recessed cleat channel and full rubber sole offer stability and walkability so you won’t slip and slide across a sweat-splattered studio floor.