New Beginnings

New Beginnings

By Demar Jackson

2024 is here, and it's bringing new opportunities! As nerve-wracking as it is to face another year head on, I want you to take a moment to truly appreciate what you were able to accomplish in 2023. The perceived small and big moments, the good and the bad, you made it through each and every one. Everything this past year that you have been through has mattered, and it continuously shapes you at this very moment. This is a great time to start to mentally close the 2023 chapter, and begin writing your 2024 journey. Your fresh start. Your "New Beginning." In order to be ready for that next step, you'll want to let go of any fear of failure, set realistic goals, and track your progress.

According to Business Insider, the main reasons why resolutions fail is because: (1) Not ready to change; (2) No self-monitoring/tracking; (3) Lack of planning; (4) Overconfidence; (5) Underestimating sacrifices. A "New Beginning," is something we may say nonchalantly, but it requires us to fully commit to the goals and challenges that we set for ourselves. This change doesn't necessarily have to be physical, it can also be mental, financial, or simple lifestyle adjustments. Once you recognize what changes need to be made in order to get the most out of your new beginning, the more effective that new beginning will be.

Demar Jackson Shimano Indoor Cycling Ambassador holding a black pair of Shimano IC501 Indoor Cycling shoes

In my life, I'm currently going through a new season bringing new beginnings in my occupational life as well. I have taken the leap back in 2023, to commit to my passion of opening up a spin studio in the new year (2024)! I had to completely commit to being active in the planning process, and not doing anything half-heartedly. I had to surround myself with a team that had a similar vision as myself to get this new venture off the ground. We all had to be ready to change.

Next, arguably the most important piece for myself, I had to self-monitor/track our progress. Monitoring progress is the key to creating lasting change. According to Business Insider, "tracking activity levels can help people overcome perceived barriers." As long as we tracked our progress, and met deadlines, we felt more secure in our decision making and tapered any self-doubt along the way.

Planning, planning, planning! Working backwards from our end goal, to our start date was crucial in giving out roles, conducting weekly meetings, walk throughs, and ultimately keeping our team on the same page. As the saying goes, "you either fail to plan, or you plan to fail," and that statement reigns true in all facets in creating a business. Likewise, in sticking to your new beginnings, whether that's in fitness, lifestyle changes, or career decisions, what is your plan? Do you have to wake up earlier? Do I have to change my weekly budget? All of these types of questions can help in your planning moving forward.

Demar Jackson Shimano Indoor Cycling Spin Instructor holding a pair of Shimano IC501 Indoor Cycling SPD Shoes Black

In terms of overconfidence and not underestimating sacrifices, you must be realistic in your approach. We may find ourselves assuming a particular change will be easy, which will lead to being unprepared in facing the reality of the situation. Granted, in most situations, having confidence is a great thing. However, when it comes to being overconfident, it can do more harm than good when attaching it to expectations. When bringing in sacrifices to achieve a realistic goal, everything you add to your life means you ultimately have to give something up. If you expect it will be easy to make a sacrifice, you may be letting yourself down when faced with the reality of how challenging it really is. Taper expectations to fit your goal, and understand what it takes to achieve your goal, and you will be equipped to take that next step.

Every new beginning has its own challenges and unique rewards. We all just have to take the right steps to maximize our own new beginning, because it will be true and authentic to you. Progress will be made this year, as long as you plan for it!