What Makes a Good Gravel Shoe

What Makes a Good Gravel Shoe

Purpose-Built Footwear to Explore Beyond

For those who blend the lines between on and off-road, who relish long rides on gritty roads less traveled, who yearn for speed but aren't afraid of the occasional creek crossings or hike-a-bikes, SHIMANO's RX line of footwear is the perfect fit. Purpose-built as the world's first gravel race shoe, the RX8 initially set the standard for premium gravel shoes. The rest of SHIMANO’s line of gravel footwear has followed suit and is built with core technologies throughout.

Shimano SH-RX801R gravel shoe

Minimally Lugged Carbon Sole

Gravel is all about going the distance at any speed, which is why the RX series blends the best of SHIMANO’s performance road and MTB footwear. Carbon soles provide a stiff pedaling platform for exceptional power transfer. At the same time, a strategically lugged tread pattern keeps the weight down while creating a versatile shoe ready to tackle the unknowns of adventure.

Shimano SH-RX600 Gravel shoes green

Dynalast for Comfort, Stability, and Speed

The foundation of SHIMANO's gravel shoe lineup is a proprietary last, which is the solid form around which the rest of the shoe is molded. DYNALAST is a specially engineered toe spring that reduces tensions throughout the feet, resulting in a smoother pedal stroke and more efficient power transfer. This dynamic, rather than static last, maintains exceptional comfort while transferring maximum power regardless of sole stiffness. It's a technology that’s been fine-tuned on the WorldTour and adapted for maximum comfort and efficiency on gravel.

Shimano Gravel shoes

SPD System Engineered for Maximum Security and Connection

SHIMANO PEDALING DYNAMICS (SPD) was the world's first clipless off-road pedal system. The design has stood the test of time, remaining at the top of gravel, MTB, and cyclocross for more than three decades. SHIMANO gravel shoes are system engineered with SPD pedals to transfer more power from body to bike with solid, secure engagement and adjustability. Materials and design have evolved over the years, with the latest pedal shoe combos offering lower stack heights, better mud-shedding, and multiple cleat angle release options.

Shimano sh-rx801 gravel race shoes

Surround Wrapping Upper for Ultimate Fit and Comfort

The supple yet durable sides and tops of SHIMANO gravel shoes surround the entire foot with a seamless piece of synthetic leather material. This creates an even fit, with fewer gaps and pressure points between shoes and feet. The result is better circulation and a more comfortable fit for a broader range of feet, especially with the advanced BOA lacing systems found on SHIMANO gravel shoes.

Shimano SH-RX801 tropical leafs gravel race shoes

RX8 - Long, Fast Days Riding and Racing

  • 10/11 Stiffness
  • Carbon Composite Sole
  • High Grip Lugs

The world’s first purpose-built gravel race shoe set the bar for what the most demanding gravel riders and racers expect. The featherweight construction and stiff carbon sole, combined with reinforced high-wear points on the upper, make it the perfect shoe to go the gritty distance in record time. A BOA Li2 dial with dual-direction adjustment integrates seamlessly with the proprietary Surround Upper, eliminating seams for a secure, comfortable fit and fewer pressure points.

Shimano SH-RX801R Gravel race shoes

RX8R - Speed and Stability in Gritty Conditions

  • 10/11 Stiffness
  • Carbon Composite Sole with
  • High Grip Lugs
  • Knitted Ankle Cuff

For those rough and rugged days, the RX8-Rally Edition is built to keep feet supported and protected regardless of the terrain. The knitted ankle cuff eliminates the space between the foot and shoe for protection from the elements while providing unparalleled long-distance comfort by keeping out dust, water, and debris. The low-profile BOA Li2 dial micro adjusts in both directions for a snug, continuous fit along with the Surround synthetic leather upper. It features the same stable pedaling platform as the RX8 race shoe, with that little extra protection for epic adventures.

Shimano SH-RX600 Gravel shoes

RX6 - All-Day Comfort and Support

  • 8/11 Offroad Stiffness
  • Carbon Reinforced Sole
  • High Grip TPU Lugs

Drawing on the technology that makes the RX8 the pinnacle of gravel race shoes, the RX6 balances stiffness, comfort, and walkability to get more riders out on all kinds of roads. It's built on a similar carbon sole for excellent power transfer while also benefiting from the lightweight outsole and strategically placed lug treads. The BOA L6K dial micro adjusts the surround wrapping upper for an optimally designed and personalized fit. It's a shoe ready for whatever the adventure brings at whatever speed the day dictates.