Dynalast Technology

Dynalast Technology

Smoother Pedal Stroke and More Efficient Power Transfer 

Shimano SH-RC903 DYNALAST Road bike shoes with SPD-SL clipless cleat system

Shimano DYNALAST shoes have helped riders worldwide achieve top results and feel comfortable and stronger longer into their rides. Designed to optimize the foot-pedal interface, Shimano DYNALAST technology delivers enhanced power transfer and reduces leg fatigue to help riders push harder, ride longer, and feel stronger. It’s no wonder the World’s top racers choose Shimano shoes when it counts.


DYNALAST is an anatomically curved last that eliminates angles and conforms better to the natural contours of your foot. The heel sits deeper in the shoe for a snug and comfortable fit. It also features a fine-tuned toe spring that provides just enough flexibility and rebound to enhance each pedal stroke. This combination of optimized fit and toe spring results in a smoother pedal stroke and more efficient power transfer.

How Does DYNALAST Help Pedaling Efficiency

Shimano’s DYNALAST toe spring design helps create a smoother upstroke of each pedal stroke. It does this by releasing the tension in the shoe with each pedal revolution, which results in less stress placed on the arch of the foot, the calf, and the hamstring during each upstroke. The subtle fine-tuning of the last reduces muscle fatigue thanks to the smoother pedal stroke and greater efficiency.

While DYNALAST is engineered to promote a more efficient upstroke, it also features a stiff sole on the downstroke for maximum power transfer. The result of the technology is twofold: making shoes more comfortable and efficient while also delivering top power transfer at the pedals.

Shimano SH-RX801 wide gravel bike shoes with SPD clipless cleat system

What is DYNALAST Wide

Shoes that feature Shimano’s DYNALAST Wide sizing have an increased volume around the ball of the foot to accommodate a larger range of foot shapes and sizes. Shimano DYNALAST Wide models are not just standard shoes that have been stretched horizontally, though. Instead, wide sizes feature a larger circumference (about 9 to 10 mm compared to standard sizing) around the ball of the foot. This extra room accommodates more foot girth, especially around the metatarsal pad. Rather than just adding extra width in a two-dimensional way, Shimano’s wide sizing provides more space all around the ball of the foot for more comfort and control.

Where Can I Find DYNALAST?

Shimano’s DYNALAST technology has proven its high-performance capabilities at the pinnacle of all cycling disciplines. It’s helping riders achieve everything from Tour de France victories to Cyclocross World Championships to Olympic MTB gold medals. But DYNALAST is not just for the pros. Shimano shoes at many levels - from XC to road to gravel to indoor - feature DYNALAST technology. Because every cyclist deserves the best technology for their best ride, every pedal stroke of the way.