New Shimano S-PHYRE TR903 Triathlon Shoes

New Shimano S-PHYRE TR903 Triathlon Shoes

Faster Transitions for Race-Winning Efforts 

Shimano Pro Triathlete wearing the new Shimano SH-TR903 S-PHYRE triathlon race shoes

Blink, and you might miss racers blazing through T1 – the transition between swim and bike – of any short course, Olympic-distance triathlon. Pro triathletes get through this key transition in less than a minute, which doesn't sound like a significant portion of these nearly two-hour races. However, important tactics are at play here, like making it into the lead group of the bike that can make or break a race for top racers. Plus, the gap between the gold, silver, and bronze medals in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics men’s triathlon was just 20 seconds, making it even more imperative to make every second count.

It was this need for fast transitions and increased overall comfort and performance that drove the design forces behind the all-new S-PHYRE TR903. It’s the first multi-sport cycling shoe to earn Shimano's top-tier S-PHYRE designation and will be used by many top athletes competing at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France.

Building on our longstanding legacy of development in cutting-edge triathlon footwear, the S-PHYRE TR903  sets a new standard for comfort, power transfer, efficiency, and transition speed.

Blue shimano SH-TR903 Triathlon race shoes S-PHYRE SPD-SL 3 bolt cleats

“Triathletes are always looking for those marginal gains that can help them achieve their goals,” explains Shimano Lifestyle and Gear Product Manager Jessie Gascon. “Shimano was one of the first companies to recognize this, and it’s informed our design decisions ever since.”

Indeed, Shimano was the first to market with a triathlon-specific cycling shoe when it launched the original TR01 in 1993. “Back then, it was all about what was already organically happening at the races,” continues Gascon. “Triathletes were adapting various pieces of gear to gain whatever advantage they could. Shimano recognized this and created a product to meet those unique needs.”

Among Shimano’s early innovations was pioneering the reverse strap concept, where the elasticized Velcro closure straps on each shoe open to the outside, making it easier to reach down and fasten on the fly while riding. Shimano also received a design patent for placing a small notch in the closure strap that lets it lock in place when unfastened, creating a bigger opening to slide your foot into before securing.

Shimano S-PHYRE TR903 race shoes

Each subsequent iteration of the TR9 has featured further improvements, but it’s not until now that it’s achieved prestigious Shimano S-PHYRE  status. The new model includes top-of-the-line features designed explicitly for Olympic and short-course triathlons. These include a fully revised upper structure equipped with a micro-adjustable BOA Li2 closure dial. This, in combination with a fast-drying T1 Quick Strap, delivers a truly precise fit with no energy-wasting fore/aft or up/down movement.

The upper is made from a new water-resistant microfiber material that's lighter and more breathable. This is thanks in part to large strategically placed perforations and a pair of mesh panels over the forefoot that further boost ventilation and promote quick drying.

Energy efficiency is bolstered by the TR903’s supportive heel stabilizer that cradlers the foot in the optimal power-producing position. The new shoe also utilizes a rigid carbon outsole with low 3.2mm stack height at the midsole, placing the foot closer to the pedal axle for improved power transfer.

Bottom showing the cleat on the new Shimano SH-TR903 Triathlon bike shoes on a Dura-Ace triathlon bike

The outsole also has water drainage ports, helping your feet dry quicker after the swim leg. That’s combined with a barefoot-friendly liner with soft padding for comfortable sockless riding, and a large heel loop that’s easier to grab during transitions. The heel loop also has small notch cutouts, a nod to riders who use rubber bands to prop their shoes in place on the pedals while stationed in the transition area.

Color options include traditional Shimano Blue and a new Matte Gunmetal colorway. Unisex sizes run 36-50, with half sizes from 41.5-46.5, ensuring almost any triathlete can find the ideal fit.

“These shoes nail all the small details that triathletes covet,” adds Gascon. “That’s why they’ve earned the S-PHYRE stamp of approval.”