BOAⓇ Fit System Dial: Everything You Want to Know

BOAⓇ Fit System Dial: Everything You Want to Know

What is it?

The BOA Dial is a fit system featured on many Shimano shoes. It is made up of a steel lace, nylon guides, and a mechanical reel.

What are the benefits?

The BOA Dial offers several advantages over traditional shoe closures such as laces and straps. You’ll notice a glove-like fit of the shoe on your foot, as the micro-adjustability of the click by click dial enables you to find just the right amount of snugness. A close fit helps to improve your power transfer and efficiency, meaning that more of your effort goes to making you go faster.

Shimano SH-RC903 Road bike shoes with BOA Dial

The BOA Dial is also more comfortable as it evenly distributes pressure to avoid sore spots on your feet. If you find partway through your workout that the shoe is too tight or loose you can adjust the dial on the fly with just one hand.

When you’ve finished your ride, a simple pull on the dial releases the tension for fast and easy removal of your shoe.

Shimano SH-RX600 Gravel shoe with BOA dial

How to use

The BOA Dial is simple and intuitive to use. When you’re putting your shoe on, push the dial in to engage and turn clockwise to tighten. To loosen, pull the dial out. When you want to take your shoes off, pull the dial up for quick release.