About us


For over 100 years, Shimano has been dedicated to creating industry-leading cycling components and accessories. Much of this effort centers around our system engineering approach, where products are designed to seamlessly work together for the best possible on-bike experience.

Shimano invented the world-renowned SPD clip-in pedal, the global standard for integrated shoe and pedal systems for off-road riding. We then took things a step further with our SPD-SL road pedal that delivers an even more efficient connection between rider and bike, assuring that every ounce of your expended energy is converted into speed-enhancing power transfer.

No matter what style of riding you choose or type of terrain you traverse, Shimano offers an integrated shoe and pedal system for you. Our shoes are born from an exhaustive research and development process where our accomplished team of designers and fleet of top-level professional riders work closely to create shoes for specific riding styles. Throughout this process, Shimano engineers focus on the little details that help maximize your riding experience.

We utilize trickle-down technology where premium features on high-end models are strategically incorporated across our expansive line-up. The result is that anyone who slips on a pair of Shimano shoes will benefit from our lengthy experience in creating best-in-class cycling products.

Whether your go-to riding terrain is singletrack trails, gravel roads, twisting tarmac, or on an indoor bike, Shimano has a shoe specifically designed to help you push harder, go farther and always get the most out of your next ride.