Introducing Technium, Technium L, and Twinspark Eyewear

Introducing Technium, Technium L, and Twinspark Eyewear

Introducing Technium, Technium L, and Twinspark Eyewear

Shimano has been a trusted name in the cycling world for more than a century, consistently delivering the highest quality components, gear, and apparel. Shimano's line of cycling-specific eyewear is no exception, becoming the go-to choice for discerning riders seeking the optimal combination of eye protection, visual clarity, all-day comfort, and contemporary on-bike style.

Whether your two-wheeled passion revolves around road riding, mountain biking, gravel adventures, daily commuting, or all of the above, Shimano makes eyewear specifically tailored to you and the places you ride. This commitment to eyewear excellence has been on full display through the launch of Shimano’s S-PHYRE collection in 2018, followed by the debut of RIDESCAPE in 2021.

Shimano's new Technium L Ridescape MTB sunglasses


With the S-PHYRE launch, Shimano added eyewear to its flagship racing product line that combines scientifically guided designs with professional insights to help you pedal harder, race faster, and see clearer. From shoes to apparel to eyewear, each S-PHYRE offering is engineered with the best available materials to help you get the most from every ride.

That focus on performance and quality was clearly illustrated with the subsequent launch of Shimano RIDESCAPE lens technology. Developed based on feedback from cyclists riding in a broad range of light conditions and cycling environments, Shimano engineers used this data to create a lineup of six scene-specific lens options that cover all the bike riding bases, including road, off-road, and gravel, along with lenses for extreme sunny days, standard daylight conditions, and low-light cloudy days or night riding.

For each unique cycling environment, RIDESCAPE filters out unwanted background color “noise” while key colors are emphasized. Now, instead of seeing a landscape that's washed out, dull, or flat, with Shimano RIDESCAPE lens technology, your chosen cycling scene is clearly defined, vibrant, and vivid.

Shimano S-PHYRE road bike Ridescape glasses

RIDESCAPE lenses feature a wide field of view for better eye protection, while a hydrophobic outer and inner lens surface coating increases water and sweat repellency so they stay cleaner longer and are easier to maintain. The lenses also provide full UV-400 sun protection and have an anti-scratch coating for increased durability no matter how rowdy the conditions get.

New Technium, Technium L, and Twinspark

The latest example of this right-tool-for-the-job ethos comes with the launch of three new performance Shimano eyewear models—Technium, Technium L, and Twinspark.

Shimano Technium Eyewear

Technium features a protective full-frame design with fog-reducing lens vents, a reversible nose pad for optimal fit customization, and curved soft template grippers that better integrate with contemporary cycling helmets.Technium is available with three different RIDESCAPE lens options: RD for road, OR for mountain biking, or GR for gravel riding.

 male gravel bike rider holding a pair of Shimano's new Technium Ridescape sunglasses

Choose the RIDESCAPE RD option for all-around road riding, where you need a lens that’s optimized for sunny and clear conditions. Utilizing a 21% visible light transmission percentage (or VLT), which indicates how much light the lens lets through (the lower the number, the darker the hue), RIDESCAPE RD boosts asphalt contrast and enhances road surface texture and details, making it easier to spot hazards such as potholes and stray rocks, while also reducing eye strain.

If gravel riding is your thing, RIDESCAPE GR is the choice. Tuned for the earth tones typically encountered during open off-road and gravel riding, this lens has a 21% VLT that highlights the subtle transitions between gravel, dirt, and pavement. This makes it easier to spot ruts or sharp rocks before they have a chance to derail your ride or race.

For mountain bikers, RIDESCAPE OR is optimal. Tuned for off-road and trail riding, where light conditions are often variable as you zip in and out of shadows, this lens employs a 35% VLT that helps reduce glare from sun leaks and sharpens visual awareness so you can react more quickly to changing trail surfaces and oncoming obstacles such as roots and rocks.

Man holding a new pair of Shimano Ridescape Technium mountain bike sunglasses

No matter which Technium RIDESCAPE lens you choose, you’ll also get the interchangeable clear lens, which is tuned for cloudy or rainy day rides and for riding at night.

Along with superb scene-specific visual performance, each RIDESCAPE lens delivers a wide field of view and enhanced eye protection from wind and debris. They’re also scratch-resistant and more environmentally friendly thanks to frame and lens construction that includes 45% bio-based Arkema Rilsan® clear G850 Rnew, a transparent polyamide material that helps reduce carbon emissions during the manufacturing process. This new lightweight BPA-free lens material also has a higher Abbe value and lower refractive index, which together deliver enhanced visual clarity and greater contrast with less glare and more vivid color transmission no matter where or how you ride.

Shimano Technium L

The new Technium L comes with the same three RIDESCAPE lens options (RD, OR, or GR) plus the interchangeable clear lens. There’s also a photochromic option for riders looking for a lens that automatically changes the visible light transmission percentage when exposed to different levels of UV light. If the surroundings are dark, the lens is almost clear; when it's bright out, the lens turns a darker hue. 

Man wearing a pair of Shimano Technium L sunglasses

No matter which lens you opt for, Technium L delivers the same reversible nose-piece customization, secure template grippers, and anti-fog vents in the half-frame design. They also offer the same UV-400 protection, scratch resistance, and sweat-and-debris repellency in the lens options. All of that is combined with ultimate all-day comfort thanks to Technium L’s ultra-lightweight half-frame design, ideal for century road rides, big backcountry mountain bike treks, or dawn-to-dusk gravel adventures. They also employ the same environmentally friendly frame and lens materials as Technium and feature Shimano's new clarity-enhancing lightweight BPA-free polyamide lens.

Shimano Twinspark Eyewear

Finally, for riders looking for a value-packed eyewear option, Twinspark is a versatile do-it-all option that comes with a lightweight half-rim frame design paired with a daytime-tuned RIDESCAPE HC lens. The daytime lens filters out harsh asphalt glare and sharpens surface details so you can ride with confidence whether bumping elbows on the local criterium circuit, sailing down technical singletrack trails, or flying across the great plains in a gravel race.

With a 13% VLT, RIDESCAPE HC delivers richer colors and higher resolution, providing a clearer view for more confidence and comfort on the bike no matter where your next adventure takes you. And just like the other two new Shimano eyewear offerings, Twinspark is scratch-resistant, sweat and debris-repellent, and constructed from more environmentally friendly frame and lens materials.